The Biggest Tile Flooring Trends of 2016

Speedwell Design Center
July 06 2016
When it comes to tile flooring, manufacturers inundate the market with endless new designs, styles, and colors every year. In fact, Speedwell Design Center offers hundreds of different styles of glass, ceramic, porcelain, and other tiles that fit the tastes of even our most conservative and our most stylish clients alike. These are our designers’ picks for top tile flooring trends in 2016.


Piggybacking off last year’s wildly popular hexagon designs, it seems like virtually every manufacturer has created brick-inspired tiles this year. Brick tiles are low maintenance, and they offer that same warm and cozy feel offered by traditional brick walls, but in a slightly different format. Perhaps best of all, brick tiles can completely transform a room whether they’re used on the floor, on the wall, as a backsplash, or as some other creative design element. The most popular brick tile designs for 2016 include aged brick, polished brick, rustic brick, and brick-like marble and wood designs.


Wood-like tile flooring has been around for years, but it’s become even more popular this year as manufacturers have incorporated all new styles and patterns, like herringbone, into their designs. Reclaimed wood is another favorite, as more and more homeowners switch to tile to get that rustic, weathered look. Cross grain tiles are also having their moment and painted wood tile flooring is gaining momentum for its unique look and feel. What’s more, designers are even using wood-inspired tiles to dress up the walls.

Mixing and Matching

Fragmented patterns in bright, vivid colors create a kaleidoscopic effect on floors. Mixing and matching geometric shapes and patterns creates a unique look that channels stained glass with a more modern, stylish application. More and more homeowners are choosing fragmented floors to give their kitchen or bathroom a real “wow” factor.

Wall Tile

While it’s not actually a type of tile flooring, wall tile has exploded in popularity in 2016, so it’s important to include it as a design trend this year. Wall tile is no longer limited to the backsplash, as more and more interior designers are using it to cover the walls, similar to paint or wallpaper. The most popular styles are large format tiles with metallic, mosaic, and geometric styles and patterns. Textured, three-dimensional designs are also gaining popularity among both designers and homeowners. Check out our gallery for design inspiration, then tell us: What’s your favorite tile flooring trend for 2016 and why? Special thanks to rickjohnson75 for the image.

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