Choosing a Hunter Douglas Window Treatment for Ideal Lighting in Any Room

Speedwell Design Center
August 17 2016
How do you decide what is the best Hunter Douglas window treatment for your home? Personal taste and home interior design are always important, but it’s also essential to consider the effect window coverings will have on the room’s lighting.


In rooms that receive direct sunlight or where natural light is too harsh, light-diffusing window treatments can create a beautiful atmosphere. One type, window sheers, is made with transparent fabrics that soften light as it enters the room for a gorgeous effect. Sheers also lessen the need for artificial light during the day. Luminette Privacy Sheers from Hunter Douglas offer vertical fabric vanes of sheer material that can be rotated 180 degrees for superior control over the amount of light allowed into the room. Though they let in natural light, these fabrics also filter out UV rays that can cause your furniture to fade.


For rooms where variable light control is beneficial, adjustable blinds are a great choice for window treatments. They come in a variety of wood finishes and fashion colors to complement any décor. Bedrooms, for example, may benefit from bright light in the afternoon, but less light—or even total darkness—might be preferable early in the morning. Traditional blinds have slats or louvers that can be adjusted to let in the perfect amount of light for any time of day without raising or lowering the window treatment. Some of the more innovative Hunter Douglas window treatments offer the benefits of blinds and sheers, such as Silhouette Window Shadings, which feature adjustable vanes suspended between sheer fabric light-diffusing panels. These blinds can be adjusted to let in the perfect amount of soft natural light into any room.


Perhaps the most fashionable choice, shades offer nearly unlimited design potential, but fewer possibilities for light adjustment. Some shades may be made of sheer materials to allow some diffused light to enter, but many are made of solid fabrics that can be pulled down for privacy or let up so sunshine can stream in. Because of this, they are optimal for rooms where natural light is less direct and harsh, and those where style is more important than always having the perfect amount of light. Many Hunter Douglas options have no exposed rear cords for a clean and elegant appearance that’s lovely in any home. Whatever window treatments are best for your home, Speedwell Design Center is Hunter Douglas certified and can help with all parts of the process, from design to installation.

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