Finding Window Treatments for Commercial Properties

Speedwell Design Center
August 31 2016

Finding window treatments for your commercial property can be a challenge these days. Technological advancements in manufacturing, design, and installation give business owners a wealth of options not previously available. While curtains, blinds, and other adornments may not be the first thing on a proprietor's mind when starting or renovating a space, it can make a huge difference in the overall ambiance. The way a space incorporates natural light is one of the most important factors determining the mental well-being of the inhabitants. This not only impacts a business's customers but also its employees. Here are a few tips to improve customer experience, employee wellness and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Get Your Motor Running

Motorized and automated window treatments are useful for businesses with large windows that only need to be covered some of the time. Businesses want the flexibility to provide shade without being totally in the dark. Unfortunately, the height and width of many commercial spaces make the manual drawing of shades or curtains a time-consuming task. A professional design and installation firm, such as Speedwell Design Center’s corporate and commercial division, can install motorized and automated equipment to make opening and closing a breeze.

Invest in Energy Efficiency

Today, many businesses are striving to reduce long-term energy costs and hedge against future price spikes in electricity. A kilowatt saved is a kilowatt earned, and reducing energy use is almost always the most cost-effective way to take a bite out of the power bill. Smart commercial window treatments can contribute to that reduction. Heat leaves through the windows in the winter and enters through them in the summer. Hunter Douglas invented the Duette super-insulating shade to counter that heat transfer. The insulating shade uses a honeycomb structure to trap pockets of air that absorb and temper the heat coming in or out. They also look fantastic, coming in a number of textures and colors to match the aesthetics of a business while saving it money.

Window treatments can make a big difference, and it's worth connecting with professionals to truly assess options. Speedwell Design Center is a one-stop shop for window treatments and can help businesses through design, selection, and installation. Contact Speedwell Design Center to get started today.

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