Make Any Room Look Bigger With These Five Flooring Tricks

March 15 2017
Photo Of A Wide Planked Wooden Floor - Speedwell Design Center Whether remodeling your current home or having flooring installed into a new home, several things can be done to create a sense of more space. How the floor is laid out, and what type of materials are used, can make a significant difference in the perception of room size.

Use Wider Planks, Not Narrower Strips

Seasoned installers, such as Speedwell Design Center's expert installers, know this, and now you do, too. Any wood or laminate board narrower than three inches is a strip, while a board wider than three inches is a plank. The wider planks are better at creating the impression of more space. There are fewer floor seams, resulting in a cleaner, less busy and more open look. Many consumers choose planks that are five inches or wider for the best room-stretching effect.

Lay Down Flooring in a Diagonal Pattern

Rotate the pattern so that it follows the diagonal line across a room rather than the actual walls. This 45-degree offset will create an interesting perspective that tricks the mind into thinking there's more space. This works for any type of flooring material, including wood, laminate, vinyl, tile, and stone.

Stay Consistent Throughout

With very few exceptions, it's not a good idea to switch the pattern within a room. Keep the pattern consistent. Otherwise, you'll create a sense of chaos. Instead of making a room feel spacious, inconsistent or random patterns divide space unnecessarily. Stick to uniformity. You can, however, use different floor materials in other rooms of the house.

Don't Be Afraid Of Bold Colors

There was a time when people believed that only neutral, light colors expand a room. That's not necessarily true. Bold, dark colors can make a room look bigger, too. It's a matter of coordinating everything in the room. Rich, dark flooring can complement the wall and furniture colors, creating an elegant, spacious feel.

Go With Larger Tiles

Whether using stone, ceramic, or vinyl tiles, opt for larger squares. Standard sizes are twelve inches, but if you go larger, you'll see fewer lines and less clutter on the floor. Try 16-inch tiles instead. You'll end up with a room that feels more spacious and a floor that looks more elegant. Photo Credit: Gareth Rushgrove

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