Top Three Best Options for Covering Uniquely Shaped Windows

March 21 2017
Photo Of Wooden Shutters - Speedwell Design Center While standard rectangles are the most traditional and common option, windows come in many different shapes and sizes. Many homes feature unique shapes as accent pieces, adding visual interest to a home's interior and exterior. The challenge with unusually shaped features is covering them, without taking away from their attractiveness. The following three options all work to cover unique windows, while maintaining the aesthetic of a home.

1. Shutters

Shutters are a beautiful and low-maintenance option for covering unusual shapes. Custom shutters can be built to fit any size or shape. The traditional look of shutters will always be in fashion, and shutters are a great choice because they require very little upkeep and look great for years to come. Newer varieties, such as the NewStyle® hybrid shutter, provide both the classic look of wood with the strength of modern, reinforced materials.

2. Vertical Blinds

A great option for large walls of glass panes, as well as sliding glass doors, vertical blinds are as stylish as they are functional. Vertical blinds allow for free use of doors, while adding privacy, and allowing homeowners to control the amount of light let into their home. For a classic look, try our 100% wooden Parkland® series, or explore more contemporary styles, such as the heat-resistant wood alternative of the Everwood® series. Blinds offer a classic look that will fit into the design of any home. Hunter Douglas window treatments can be customized for vertical blinds to fit any size and shape, making them a great choice for large, unique shapes.

3. Sheers & Shadings

Walking the line between blinds and sheers, shadings are an excellent option for maintaining the stylish look of unique windows in a home. Sheer options, such as those in the Silhouette® line, diffuse natural light and add a soft look to a room. Options in the Luminette® line were designed for larger windows or sliding doors and are perfect for both light control and privacy. As with all Hunter Douglas window treatments, sheers and shadings can be custom fit to any window. Because of their thinner nature, sheers and shadings will let the shape of unusual architectural features shine through, creating an accent piece in a home. Shadings in the Pirouette® line can be attached to a sheer backing, which gives the appearance that they are floating, further complementing unique features of the room. Coverings add style, privacy, and energy efficiency to a home. For those concerned with safety, Hunter Douglas window treatments offer the above in cordless and motorized options, so a home can benefit from treatments, while keeping children and pets out of harm's way. All three options are great choices that will accentuate features in a home, while maintaining their functionality. Photo Credit: Tim Ford

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