The Rebirth of Wallpaper: Four Top Trends

March 24 2017
Wallpaper is an ancient decor tradition, beginning with the Chinese gluing rice paper to walls around 200 B.C. By the time the French mastered the art of block printing in continuous patterns in the 17th century, the trend was found across homes. While taking a dip in the late 20th century, it has now come back into vogue thanks to increased technology and modern design. Here are four of the top wallpaper trends to consider installing this year.
  1. Florals
Whether large and colorful or vintage-inspired, floral print wallpaper has made an appearance across the top interior design Instagrams and home decorating magazines. Best for a feminine, bold touch, this style can be incorporated with mixed materials such as wood and metal to give off a well-rounded aesthetic.
  1. Geometrics
From chevron to stripes to quatrefoils, geometrics complement a sleek, upscale style. Often combined with metallic accents, choosing this wallpaper style can elevate any space into a glamorous home style. If opting for a monochromatic, geometric wallpaper, it's best to warm the room up with wood floors and cozy furniture selections.
  1. Fine Art
It's no longer the case that touring museums is the only way to get a breath of history and fine art. Instead, new advancements in printing have allowed companies to print wallpaper designs ranging from pastoral scenes to Renaissance portraits. When paired with ornamental fireplaces, fine drapery, and velvet couches, this wallpaper style combines old-world aesthetic with modern design.
  1. Natural Materials
For a while, using natural materials like wood and stone in design was limited to floors and tables. With interior design reaching for more mixed materials and natural finishes, it comes as no surprise that natural materials have made their way into the wallpaper realm. Walls can now have the appearance of detailed wood or heavy planking at a much lower cost than installing the real thing. Decorating walls is no longer monopolized by shelving and art thanks to the dramatic comeback of wallpaper. Homeowners should keep this trend in mind before remodeling or redecorating their homes.

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