Increase Energy Efficiency with Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

March 27 2017
Conserving energy protects the environment and saves money. Most homes have windows that make up about 20 percent of the exterior wall surface space, making these glass areas a significant source of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Layered Hunter Douglas window treatments are a pleasing way to add color to interior rooms as well as an effective way to enhance energy efficiency.

Window Blinds

Blinds are a versatile layer, coming in many different colors. Homeowners can choose blinds made of various materials, including faux wood, wood, fabric, vinyl, and aluminum. Alone, blinds are modern and sleek, complementing minimalist décor. Blinds work well as a layer under pleated shades, privacy sheers, and valances. When closed, this style of Hunter Douglas window treatments also adds insulation.

Window Shades

Shades offer privacy, light control, and insulation. A huge variety of color and texture options is available, including fabric, bamboo, wood, and more. Honeycomb shades are even more energy efficient than standard flat shades because they have individual cells of insulating air that create a thermal layer between the window and the room. This style has the added design benefit of no visible cords or seams. Additional shade options include top-down/bottom-up styles that make it possible to move the shade from either direction.

Privacy Sheers

A soft layer of coverage created by fabric sheers can be effective for increasing energy efficiency and décor. Panels of vertical sheers are especially useful over large plates of glass, which can be a source of heat loss or gain. Some people also hang seasonal coverings, using heavier fabrics in the winter and lighter fabric in the summer. Choosing sheers in a light color offers privacy and coverage on the window, without sacrificing natural light.

Window Shutters

Shutters made of natural wood or laminate products are another option that will help add a layer of insulation over a window. For best results, install interior shutters as close to the glass as possible, and make sure they fit against all four sides securely. Not only are Hunter Douglas window treatments a beautiful way to inject color and style into any room, but they can also help reduce energy bills.

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