Winter Window Treatments for Style and Warmth

Speedwell Design Center
October 30 2019

Winter window treatments from Speedwell Design Center turn decor items into part of your home's weatherization efforts. The right window treatments help keep the warmth in and winter's chill out. This provides extra energy efficiency, especially if you layer your energy-efficient window treatments.

Applause Honeycomb Shades

The honeycomb shades from the Hunter Douglas Applause line have triple-cell construction. These shades come in your choice of colors, fabrics, and patterns to deliver the decor style you want. The shades are also available in both opaque styles and semi-opaque styles, putting you in control of the amount of natural light that filters into the room when the shades are closed. Plus, when you want more light to shine into the room, you have the option to open the shades all the way.

The triple-cell construction is the feature that makes these shades energy-efficient and a great choice for use in both winter and summer. It helps reduce the amount of heat lost through the window in winter, and when summer arrives, it helps keep the cooler air-conditioned air indoors.

Shutters For Winter Warmth And Privacy

Plantation shutters are useful as winter window treatments because the design provides extra insulation that helps keep heat from escaping through the window. That means heating bills are reduced, and the air stays warmer and more comfortable in the room where the shutters are installed.

In addition to helping your home stay warm in winter, shutters deliver classic elegance that adds to the curb appeal and resale of your home. When you choose plantation shutters from Speedwell Design Center, you get custom-built shutters that perfectly fit your windows. A solid-wood frame holds the louvers securely, and a tilt rod is installed that lets you adjust the position of the louvers to let in more light or to increase the level of privacy you enjoy in your home.

Layering Window Treatments In Winter

Window blinds and privacy sheers are two ways to add an insulating layer to windows during winter months. While these window treatments look great alone, when installed along with curtains or drapery, they create an even more visually stunning effect. Plus, the layers help increase energy efficiency in your home.

The blinds or sheers serve as the under-layer for the window decor. The drapes are then installed as a top layer that you open and close as desired to let in more light or to block it out.

Things To Pair With Window Treatments To Increase Energy Efficiency

While you're discussing your window treatment ideas with a professional designer from Speedwell Design Center, consider asking about flooring to pair with the window treatment you choose. The right flooring solution adds beauty and warmth to the decor. Consider a layer of carpet to provide a cushioning layer under your feet and to keep warm air from escaping when it gets cold outdoors.

Carpet made from natural fiber, such as wool, or synthetic fiber, such nylon, are useful when choosing decor items that offer insulating properties to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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