Blinds or Shades – Which Fit Your Lifestyle?

Speedwell Design Center
December 30 2019

When it comes to interior design, no detail can go unconsidered as you decorate. Everything from your flooring to your window hangings plays a key role in elevating the overall design of your home. For example, choosing either blinds or shades can contribute to the form and function of your space in different ways. To help you decide which of these options is best for you, Speedwell Design Center takes a closer look at the different qualities of blinds and shades.


Blinds and shades have practical purposes and features, but they also contribute to the look of a room. At their most basic, blinds feature multiple slats aligned in horizontal or vertical rows and are made with wood, faux wood, metal, fabric, or other materials. Speedwell Design Center offers Hunter Douglas blinds in many styles, including:

  • Parkland® wood blinds
  • EverWood® alternative wood blinds
  • Modern Precious Metals® aluminum blinds

Blinds create a more structured look that is often flattering in modern spaces with contemporary aesthetics. Shades, on the other hand, are typically crafted from durable fabric material that you can pull down or push up, creating a softer appearance. These come in several styles, such as:

  • Honeycomb cellular shades: With a honeycomb construction, these shades include air pockets that help insulate the home.
  • Roman shades: Hidden rings raise and lower stacked or rolled fabric for easy operation with no cords and a soft, elegant look.
  • Roller shades: This traditional option smoothly lowers to the desired height from a coiled roll.

The slatted construction of blinds collects dust over time but also makes cleaning quick and easy with a dry cloth or duster. Shades won’t accumulate dust as quickly, but often require professional cleaning if soiled for slightly more maintenance effort. You’ll also have plenty of style options to consider, as shades and blinds are available in many colors and finishes to suit your décor.

Function and Features

Moderating the natural light in a room is one of the most important functions of blinds and shades. With blinds, you can easily control incoming light by opening and closing the slats. At the same time, lowering the blinds with the slats open provides additional privacy while welcoming light into a room.

Shades offer less precise control but are available in varying opacities depending on your preferences. You’ll enjoy plenty of privacy when they’re lowered but will need to choose between blocking out the world outside or taking advantage of daylight. Many homeowners choose fabrics that soften light for a warm, diffused look.

To help keep outside temperatures at bay, honeycomb cellular shades are an ideal option for your home. They are useful year-round as they prevent air conditioning or heat from escaping through your windows. Blinds, on the other hand, can provide much-needed relief in the warmer months by allowing air to flow into your home while simultaneously blocking out the sun’s rays.

One-Stop Window Covering Shop 

Still not sure if shades or blinds are right for you? Visit Speedwell Design Center’s showroom at 108 Ridgedale Ave in Morristown, New Jersey. With the area’s top selection of flooring, window treatments, custom drapery and wallpaper, and more, we offer everything you need to make your home beautiful – including expert design and installation services. For more information, call 973-538-9090 or contact us online today.

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