Flooring Trends for 2020

Speedwell Design Center
January 31 2020

Your home’s floors are an important part of its interior design, contributing to the color story and affecting the choices you’ll make for furnishings, fixtures, and accents. This means that when your home needs an update, flooring is the perfect place to start. If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s flooring, Speedwell Design Center offers a look at the best new flooring trends our designers anticipate for 2020 to help guide your choices and help you achieve a look you’ll love.

Blonde Wood

Gray wood finishes have been popular in the last few years, and they remain at the top of many designers’ list of favorites. Yet for those seeking a brighter feel, blonde hardwood, and engineered wood flooring creates the perfect look. It combines a light color and warm tone for an airy, modern feel that looks great with a variety of décor styles and color palettes.

Embrace Color and Texture

Maximalism, a design aesthetic that blends vibrant colors, busy patterns, and rich textures for big, bold style, was popular in 2019. Whether or not the trend has staying-power in 2020, it offers new inspiration for carpet in the coming year. It’s a great time to choose deeper hues, plush textures, and eye-catching patterns over neutral colors.

Large-Scale Designs

Wider planks and bigger tiles will be among the most popular new flooring trends for 2020, and with good reason. Large-scale flooring offers a distinctive, modern look and provides a fresh take on classic styles. Additionally, wider planks are great for homeowners who prefer a rustic look – especially when paired with a distressed, brushed, or a deep wood grain texture. To create appealing variation, pair wider and narrower planks for an organic feel.

Patterns and Perspectives

Placing your flooring will be just as important as materials and finishes in 2020. Unique patterns, such as chevron (a design in which two angled pieces of flooring meet at a point) and herringbone (when planks come together at a 90° angle), in complementary finishes, provide a striking look in any room. You might also consider laying planks diagonally. Doing so provides modern flair and opens up a space, making it seem larger in an instant.

Creative Transitions

Open floor plans are spacious and beautiful, but they can make flooring transitions difficult. If you’re bored by straightforward divisions between your kitchen tile and living room carpet or wood or vinyl flooring, why not try a stylish transition that takes advantage of the tiles’ shape? Other floorings can be cut to fit neatly with all kinds of shapes to make those transitional zones appealing rather than awkward.

Wood Beauty, Vinyl Convenience

There’s no denying that wood floors are stunning. However, not every lifestyle meshes with natural wood, and homeowners with kids, pets, and busy schedules will continue to seek flooring options that accommodate their needs in 2020. Vinyl plank flooring offers all the appeal of wood while guarding against damage caused by dirt, water, mildew, and stains. What’s more, care is quick and easy to keep up with modern families.

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