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The Rebirth of Wallpaper: Four Top Trends

Wallpaper is an ancient decor tradition, beginning with the Chinese gluing rice paper to walls around 200 B.C. By the time the French mastered the art of block printing in continuous patterns in the 17th century, the trend was found across homes. While taking a dip in the late 20th century, it has now come back into vogue thanks to increased technology and modern design. Here are four of the top wallpaper trends to consider installing this year.
  1. Florals
Whether large and colorful or vintage-inspired, floral print wallpaper has made an appearance across the top interior design Instagrams and home decorating magazines. Best for a feminine, bold touch, this style can be incorporated with mixed materials such as wood and metal to give off a well-rounded aesthetic.
  1. Geometrics
From chevron to stripes to quatrefoils, geometrics complement a sleek, upscale style. Often combined with metallic accents, choosing this wallpaper style can elevate any space into a glamorous home style. If opting for a monochromatic, geometric wallpaper, it's best to warm the room up with wood floors and cozy furniture selections.
  1. Fine Art
It's no longer the case that touring museums is the only way to get a breath of history and fine art. Instead, new advancements in printing have allowed companies to print wallpaper designs ranging from pastoral scenes to Renaissance portraits. When paired with ornamental fireplaces, fine drapery, and velvet couches, this wallpaper style combines old-world aesthetic with modern design.
  1. Natural Materials
For a while, using natural materials like wood and stone in design was limited to floors and tables. With interior design reaching for more mixed materials and natural finishes, it comes as no surprise that natural materials have made their way into the wallpaper realm. Walls can now have the appearance of detailed wood or heavy planking at a much lower cost than installing the real thing. Decorating walls is no longer monopolized by shelving and art thanks to the dramatic comeback of wallpaper. Homeowners should keep this trend in mind before remodeling or redecorating their homes.
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Spruce up Your Space With Wallpaper and Upholstery

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Did you know Speedwell Design Center has an expansive wallpaper and fabric section? We carry numerous choices of materials that will transform your space.

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in recent years. Gone are the days of drab, tired patterns and colors. Now, there are many options which include paper with texture, sheen, and fresh, bold patterns. Removable (peel off) wallpaper is also available. It is a really great option to liven up rentals, a dorm room, or to embellish a child’s room.


Whether you are reupholstering cushions, making custom drapery, or giving a room a more finished look with custom bedding, we carry an extensive range of materials from the latest trends and outdoor fabrics to contemporary and traditional prints. Some of the most recent trends include using fabrics with grays, bold geometric prints, embroidery, large florals, and textured fabric. When choosing material, consider its placement. For example, if using fabric for upholstery in a child's room, you may need a more durable (washable) material. Cotton and wool blends work well with any decor and bring a clean, crisp feel to a room. Some of the other fabric choices available include solids, velvet, linens, chenille, and sheers. Our selections include fabrics from Maxwell, Coco, Michaels, Kravet, Robert Allen, Duralee, Schumacher, and Beacon Hill. 


When choosing wallpaper to give an updated look to a room, you might want to try a feature wall with a statement print, or a timeless folksy print for a child's room. Current trends in wallpaper include grays, metallics, peel-off paper, geometric patterns, and large floral prints. Other paper choices include solids, florals, foil paper, leaf, Asian, and European-influenced prints, stripes, texturized fabric, and various fun patterns. There is a range of classic, contemporary designs, novelty, and children-themed paper from which to choose. The wallpaper designers that we carry include Kenneth James, York, Thibaut, Brewster, Arcadia, Ashford House, and Kismet.


Bring in your ideas and one of our experienced Sales Design Team members will help guide you. Some tips for helping you choose: consider the mood that you want to create in the room (casual, formal, relaxing). With color, decide if you want it to blend in with the décor for a subtle look or if you prefer it to pop with a bolder look.

Have Fun With It!

Image Upholstery and Wallpaper Store - New Jersey - Speedwell Design CenterWhether it’s to liven up a tired chair, add a touch of professionalism to an office, or make some custom accent pillows, come in, sit at our table, have a cup of coffee, and one of our Sales Design Staff will guide you through the wallpaper or fabric selection process.

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Get Over Your Fear of Choosing Color

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“Painters use red like spice.” — Derek Jarman

Choosing color for your home can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to make the interior design process painful. Here at Speedwell Design Center, we think color is fun! Color is one of the most powerful and effective tools for changing the appearance of a room. It can also help set the mood or create a distinct atmosphere.

Colors such as green and blue, which are next to each other on the color wheel, are more relaxing. Grey has the ability to make other colors appear either warm or cool. It also pairs nicely with pastels or brighter colors such as hot pink. Also, bright and light colors have a tendency to make a room feel larger.

Tip: Start with thinking about the mood you want to create in the room you’re decorating. It is helpful to be familiar with how color can affect our mood and the interior design. - Blue – Evokes calmness, tranquility, spiritual, and meditative feelings. It has also been shown to lower blood pressure. - Green – Mimics nature resulting in a soothing, relaxing effect that reduces anxiety and promotes comfort. - Orange and Red – These are stimulating, confident, and fun colors. Pops of these colors encourage laughter and celebration. They are often used in kitchens as they are thought to increase appetite. - White – Creates a clean, fresh, pure, and airy atmosphere. - Brown – A natural and rustic color that gives a feeling of comfort. - Yellow – This color is seen as cheerful and happy. - Purple – Evokes a serene mood or a sense of mystery. - Gray and Black – Promotes a feeling of elegance.

Image Of Lake And Trees - Speedwell Design Center - New Jersey "If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue.”– Paul Gauguin

Tip: Let nature be your guide. Interior design decorators sometimes suggest using your interior space to reflect the outside world as a way to create an oasis. Generally, as with the environment, darks are below our feet (earth), medium tones are as you look straight ahead (trees) and lighter colors upwards (sky)—the ceiling.

Tip: Draw inspiration from famous paintings. Do you have a favorite painting? Borrow the colors from a work of art. In the Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflower painting, he uses browns, golden yellows, hints of dark green, and aquablue. These colors can be used as a source of inspiration. Image Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflower - Speedwell Design Center - New Jersey

Everyone perceives color differently. For this reason, it’s important to feel good about your home. Your interior design should reflect your personality and provide you comfort. Our experienced Sales Design Team offers a number of great services to help you conceive your room color by color. We use your personal taste to develop a concept to create a welcoming and fun environment. Hope to see you soon!

Image of Ballerinas - Speedwell Design Center - New Jersey

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Choosing a Finish for your Wood Floor

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Polyurethane is the most popular finish for floors. Confused on which finish is best for YOUR wood floor or project, water-based or oil based polyurethane? They are both durable, good looking, tough enough to handle constant traffic and are resistant to almost everything. Though there are differences. As for durability, some experts maintain that oil-based polyurethane is still the standard for performance, especially for high-traffic areas. That said you can't go wrong with either.

The water-based polyurethane has less fumes, low odor, DRYS FASTER and has a clear finish [as far as repainting color of stain]. You can recoat them in two hours. Also cleaning your tools is easier; just use water! Start your project early in the morning and you'll be able to sleep in that room at night. However, because water-based dries quickly, you must work fast to maintain a "wet edge" during application or you'll end up with visible lap marks where wet polyurethane was applied over dried or partially dried finish. And you can't go back and work waterborne polyurethane, even when it's wet, or you'll leave marks in the finish.

The oil-based polyurethane has a stronger finish and is more SCRATCH RESISTANT. Great if you have dogs or cats walking on your floors! Oil-based polyurethanes will leave an amber glow, but require FEWER COATS. Though the five-hour wait between coats and twelve-hour [or preferably twenty-four hour] wait after the last coast will make the room unusable for a few days... and you'll have to deal with a strong odor.  Although oil-based poly emits noxious fumes, it can be worked when wet; That means you can go back and correct mistakes — a crucial advantage for the beginner!

Natural Maple wood floorBoth the water and oil-based polyurethanes offer good protection; the biggest difference will be in the appearance of the finish. Do you love the natural look of maple? Then apply a water-based polyurethane. Although the water-based poly appears milky in the can, they go on clear and remain clear. Water-based poly will accent the character of your wood without giving it the amber tint of an oil-based poly. That said... some woods, such as oak, the amber tint of an oil-based poly is desirable. Though for a red-oak floor or a stained floor, use either type of finish.

Although you may be leaning toward the water-based, they do COST TWICE as much as oil-based polys. Also they won't give wood the rich glow that oil-based polys will give; Some people consider the water-based cold looking.

Most water-based polys contain only 30 to 35 percent solids, compared with the 45 to 50 percent solids in oil-based products. Since these solids create the protective finish, you need to apply four coats of water-based, as opposed to two or three of oil-based poly. And if you go with water-based polyurethane you may need to apply additional coats every two years or so.

There's debate over which finish is harder, but some experts maintain that hardness isn't necessarily a good attribute of a floor finish. You want a finish that will flex along with the floor. And a super-hard finish shows scratches more readily. You'll prolong the protective life of any finish by eliminating its number 1 enemies, dirt and grit. Sweep or vacuum the floor often to protect to finish and put rugs in high-traffic areas. Call our showroom at 973-538-9090 in Morristown, New Jersey, today to select rugs for your floors!

Tauari wood floor

If you're doing your project yourself, before applying any finish, vacuum twice and use a tacrag on the entire floor. Or to MAKE LIFE EASIER, have Speedwell Design Center in Northern New Jersey install and finish your wood floors! 

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Shutters Shutters Shutters

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We can't say it enough.... Shutters! They are what is most popular right now. Most customers that are walking through our doors at Speedwell Design Center in Morristown, New Jersey, are asking about shutters for their windows and doors. Many of their New Jersey neighbors are installing shutters to cover their windows and they want to do the same. It isn't just because they want to do what their New Jersey neighbors are doing, but there are many other reasons everyone is asking about shutters.

One reason is something all of us are always mindful of, PRICE! Maybe it is a surprise to you, but the cost of shutters is very reasonable. And if you buy your window shutters from Speedwell Design Center in Morristown, NJ, the COST of your shutters will be even LOWER. We are a Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealer and we not only design, sell, and install for residential customers in the tri-state area (New Jersey, New York, Connecticut) and Pennsylvania, we also have a commercial division. Our commercial division allows us to buy for less, but more importantly, SELL TO YOU FOR LESS.

Another reason shutters are the most popular window covering is they are less maintenance than other window treatments. We all have busy schedules, so having window treatments that you don't have to worry much about the maintenance is DIVINE.

We have wide selection of shutters for you to choose from...

  • Hunter Douglas Heritance® hardwood shutters are crafted for maximum strength and durability. They have 100 color options and custom color matching paints and stains.
  • Another option is our innovative NewStyle® hybrid shutters. These combine the great style of wood with the strength, stability, and straightness of advanced modern-day materials, while being affordable.
  • Last, but certainly not least, ask about our Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters. These window shutters are guaranteed never to warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor, regardless of extreme heat or moist conditions.

Hardwood Shutters in Corner - Morristown, NJ - Speedwell Design Center
In addition to shutters being less maintenance for you, they have a streamlined and clean look to fit with any lifestyle, home or office. Everyone who purchases Hunter Douglas shutters from us loves them and we never hear any complaints.

When purchasing from Speedwell Design Center your window treatment shutters will be installed by a Hunter Douglas Certified Installer.

Hybrid Shutters Open to Outside - Morristown, NJ - Speedwell Design Center

If you are looking for window treatments for your home or office and don't want to spend a lot of money or time maintaining your window coverings and want an array of options to fit your personal taste, shutters may be the perfect choice!

Call Speedwell Design Center today at 973-538-9090 and schedule an appointment to visit our Designer Showroom at 108 Ridgedale Avenue (behind Mazda dealership) in Morristown, New Jersey.

Learn more by CLICKING HERE to watch a video on Hunter Douglas Shutters.

Polysatin Shutters in Windows - Morristown, NJ - Speedwell Design Center
Our showroom is in Morristown, but we are less than 20 minutes from surrounding towns, such as Mendham, Madison, Chatham, Bernardsville, and Basking Ridge.
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Hypoallergenic Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

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Many people suffer from allergies (dust, mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites, etc). Allergy sufferers usually take lots of medications to minimize the symptoms, but usually don't address the problem.

The solution could be using products in our daily lives that are hypoallergenic. Start correcting the problem of allergies.

Babies love to crawl around and put things in their mouths. Since babies spend a lot of time on the floor, you should look into flooring options that will minimize exposure to harmful germs, mold, mildew and bacteria. Choosing hypoallergenic options, such as natural hardwood flooring, could diminish the risk of harmful exposure to your little ones.

Health Conscious

Designers and architects agree that natural hardwood flooring is a great choice for a health-conscious, beautiful home. Hardwood flooring is being installed in more bedrooms. Wood flooring maintenance products have evolved to make it fast and easy to clean a hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring is the hypoallergenic solution for a bedroom, a room where we spend approximately one third of our time each day.

We also spend a third of our time at work. More and more commercial businesses are installing hardwood flooring. Wood floors in your commercial space or offices will lessen the chance of coming into contact with germs, bacteria and other allergens in the workplace. Changing to wood floors in the business environment can result in a positive and significant impact on productivity, thus lowering the cost of doing business.

An Ounce of Prevention

In Sweden and many parts of the world it is part of the culture to remove your shoes before entering a home. They feel it is a way of keeping their floors cleaner, longer-lasing and more hypoallergenic. Today's finishes are considerably more scuff resistant than the hardwood finishes used in the past, but the hypoallergenic issues remain the same.

Maintenance Tips

Cleaning your hardwood floors has never been easier. One-step, easy to apply natural floors cleaners are readily available at grocery, box stores and home improvement stores, as well as retail floor covering showrooms, such as Speedwell Design Center on 108 Ridgedale Avenue in Morristown, New Jersey. For those who suffer from allergies, it is best to clean your floors on a regular basis. Another tip is to have wipe-off mats at every entry door to clean off the bottom of your shoes before walking info the room from outdoors. If you're not going to remove your shoes before stepping inside, this practice of cleaning off the bottom of your shoes is the next best preventative measure.

Being aware of how to resolve the problem of allergies makes more sense than just treating the symptoms.

Stop into Speedwell Design Center today and one of our Professional Designers will help you select the best hardwood floors for your home of office! Call 973-538-9090 today.

Click Here to view some samples of wood flooring options at Speedwell Design Center in Morristown, NJ. Of course, there MANY more options in our showroom at 108 Ridgedale Avenue in Morristown.

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