Selecting The Perfect Wallpaper

Envision yourself walking into your newly redesigned home, complete with brand-new wallpaper that matches your taste and personality perfectly. Whether you’re going for bright and open, soft and soothing or dark and sophisticated, adding wallpaper to any room can help you achieve most of your style goals in one fell swoop. Focusing on how you want each space to look and feel will enable you to take a step forward in the design process. Doing so will allow you to eliminate choices that are too far from the mark, effectively narrowing down the selections – which will come in handy as you browse through the massive inventory at the Speedwell Design Center in Morristown, NJ. Starting out, you probably already have a pretty good idea of the style you’re looking for, whether it’s geometric, novelty, stripes, traditional or something else altogether. There are a lot of considerations that come into play when choosing wallpaper, such as your home’s lighting and general color scheme, the measurements of the walls and even any architectural imperfections you might want to cover up. You can follow the trends or follow your heart, but at the end of the day, it’s important to choose a paper that you’ll be happy with well into the future.

Find The Style That Speaks To You

In Speedwell Design Center’s showroom, you’ll be able to browse the different types of wallpaper from some of the leading brands in the industry, including Ralph Lauren Home, Schumacher and Seabrook. Each brand brings their own distinct look and texture to their papers, so you can decorate each room of the house with a singular look. Perhaps you’ll choose an abstract-patterned paper for the office, a fun botanical print for the restroom and a country-inspired wallpaper for the kitchen. With an abundant amount of styles to choose from, you can truly add unique flair to every room, whether that takes the form of a special pop of color or a personalized print. Other popular style categories include, but are not limited to: • Abstract • Asian and European influenced • Contemporary/Transitional • Damask • Novelty • Kids • Stripes and Plaids • Toile • Textured • Grass Cloth Whichever type you end up falling in love with, take advantage of the wide range of styles to set the backdrop for a stunning, one-of-a-kind space.

Start Designing Today

If you’re thinking about overhauling your home’s design, deciding on the wallpapers will be one of the first and most important steps. For inspiration, browse photos of some of our products in action, or stop by our showroom, located at 108 Ridgedale Avenue in Morristown, New Jersey. If you’re hoping for some one-on-one assistance and tips, sign up for a consultation with one of our experienced sales designers today.
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Spruce up Your Space With Wallpaper and Upholstery

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Did you know Speedwell Design Center has an expansive wallpaper and fabric section? We carry numerous choices of materials that will transform your space.

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in recent years. Gone are the days of drab, tired patterns and colors. Now, there are many options which include paper with texture, sheen, and fresh, bold patterns. Removable (peel off) wallpaper is also available. It is a really great option to liven up rentals, a dorm room, or to embellish a child’s room.


Whether you are reupholstering cushions, making custom drapery, or giving a room a more finished look with custom bedding, we carry an extensive range of materials from the latest trends and outdoor fabrics to contemporary and traditional prints. Some of the most recent trends include using fabrics with grays, bold geometric prints, embroidery, large florals, and textured fabric. When choosing material, consider its placement. For example, if using fabric for upholstery in a child's room, you may need a more durable (washable) material. Cotton and wool blends work well with any decor and bring a clean, crisp feel to a room. Some of the other fabric choices available include solids, velvet, linens, chenille, and sheers. Our selections include fabrics from Maxwell, Coco, Michaels, Kravet, Robert Allen, Duralee, Schumacher, and Beacon Hill. 


When choosing wallpaper to give an updated look to a room, you might want to try a feature wall with a statement print, or a timeless folksy print for a child's room. Current trends in wallpaper include grays, metallics, peel-off paper, geometric patterns, and large floral prints. Other paper choices include solids, florals, foil paper, leaf, Asian, and European-influenced prints, stripes, texturized fabric, and various fun patterns. There is a range of classic, contemporary designs, novelty, and children-themed paper from which to choose. The wallpaper designers that we carry include Kenneth James, York, Thibaut, Brewster, Arcadia, Ashford House, and Kismet.


Bring in your ideas and one of our experienced Sales Design Team members will help guide you. Some tips for helping you choose: consider the mood that you want to create in the room (casual, formal, relaxing). With color, decide if you want it to blend in with the décor for a subtle look or if you prefer it to pop with a bolder look.

Have Fun With It!

Image Upholstery and Wallpaper Store - New Jersey - Speedwell Design CenterWhether it’s to liven up a tired chair, add a touch of professionalism to an office, or make some custom accent pillows, come in, sit at our table, have a cup of coffee, and one of our Sales Design Staff will guide you through the wallpaper or fabric selection process.

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Did You Know? October is National Window Covering Safety Month

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This October, the Consumer Products Safety Commission and the Window Covering Safety Council are teaming up again to alert and educate people on the danger posed by window coverings. According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission window coverings are one of the top hazards in the average American home. Alongside tipping furniture and open swimming pools, windows made the list because of the risk of strangulation posed by dangling cords. Fortunately, eliminating the risk is a quick fix for most households. Installing cordless window coverings or even motorized Hunter Douglas window treatments are safe alternatives that also look great.

The Problem

The danger is not usually with the coverings themselves, but the cords used to raise and lower the covers. While those dangling loops may be, at best, an innocuous afterthought for an adult, they can be tempting playthings for toddlers and pets. Much like dangling mobiles placed above cribs, children will reach for loose cords. This presents a serious strangulation hazard.

The Quick Fix

For concerned readers, the best option is to invest in cordless window coverings or motorized Hunter Douglas window treatments to eliminate the cord altogether. These safe alternatives come in a range of styles to fit any home. But if, for some reason, a person is unable to change their window treatments, there are a few quick fixes that can reduce the risk to young children. Start by moving any cribs or children's beds away from windows with loose cords. Keeping the tether out of reach will reduce the temptation. For low window sills or other areas that children can reach from the floor, get a small cleat to tie up the loose end. In a pinch, a person can take the cord and wrap it up in a bow or other knot out of reach from children and pets.

The Permanent Solution

Fortunately, the window covering industry has been working vigorously to address the danger posed by some products. The Window Covering Safety Council has created warning tags and labels that clearly communicate the potential dangers of loose window cords. More importantly, innovation in form and function has eliminated the need for dangerous dangling cords. Today's consumers have more options than ever with cordless window coverings that are safe and look great.

Looking to improve the look and safety of your home with motorized or cordless window coverings? Visit Speedwell Design Center today.

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Window Shutters Are Your Perfect Home Improvement Solution!

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Looking to change up the window decor in your home, but concerned about the cost? Window shutters are the perfect solution! They're fashionable but timeless, meaning their elegant look will never go out of style. Plus, they're cost effective — reasonably priced to begin with and you’ll save money over time thanks to lower heating and cooling bills. On top of those savings, you'll even increase the resale value of your home. How so? Window shutters are the only window dressing the IRS recognizes as an equity booster. See a variety of shutter options at our Speedwell Design Center! Picking your shutters is easy! You'll decide which material is right for you, match the shutters to your home's style, and then enjoy for years to come.

Choose Your Material

With such a huge assortment to choose from, we know you'll find the best window shutters for your house. For traditional, top-of-the-line shutters, go with our classic Hunter Douglas Heritance option. Made of real hardwood and constructed with Truemill dovetail construction, these shutters offer a beautiful look with maximum strength and durability. If hardwood isn't what you're looking for, consider our Hunter Douglas NewStyle hybrid shutters. Blending the look of hardwood with the resilience and affordability of man-made materials, these shutters are a polished solution for any home. Finally, for homes in more extreme climates, we have Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin shutters, made from a UV-resistant vinyl material. Guaranteed to stand up to the most adverse weather conditions, these hearty shutters are an excellent option for improving your home.


No matter which option you choose, you will love your new window shutters! All three varieties are available in a range of colors and styles: paints, stains, and even color matching. We can custom design shutters to match your entire home. Come into our showroom, and our expert designers will help you pick out the perfect shutters to upgrade all your windows.

Enjoy Your Shutters!

Once chosen, your shutters will be installed by a Hunter Douglas Certified Installer, to ensure exceptional service. From the moment they're put up, you'll fall in love with your new window shutters! They're easy to use, easy to maintain, and built to last. In fact, your Hunter Douglas window shutters come with a lifetime guarantee, so we know you'll be satisfied with them for years to come. Take it from our customers! Read some testimonials and imagine how happy you'll be once you've upgraded your home. Also take a look at our inspiration gallery to get ideas, and watch this video to learn why Hunter Douglas shutters are the best choice for you! Come on down to our showroom today. Browse through our vast selection, take in some expert advice, and learn just how great window shutters will look in your home. With Speedwell Design Center by your side, you can't go wrong!
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How to Choose the Best Finish for Your Wood Flooring

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Wood flooring can create a huge visual impact in your home. It can make a space feel warm, open, even luxurious. It can also help reduce allergens in the home. However, choosing a finish for your wood floor is crucial to maintain its appearance and to protect the wood from scratches. There are many different types of finish, so how do you know which one is right for you?

First, you need to know if your wood floor has already been treated. Some finishes cannot be applied on top of certain products, so it's important to know what has already been used on the wood. This is also useful information when you are choosing cleaning products for your floor. If you are purchasing a new floor, the manufacturer should provide information about any treatments or finishes that are added during production. If you have a home with an existing wood floor, ask the previous owner. If that's not an option, there are tests you can perform to tell you what finishes may have been used.

Types of Finishes

- Polyurethane is the most popular finish for wood floors. It is available in both water-based and oil-based formulas. Oil-based polys are best for high-traffic areas, are more affordable, and have an amber glow many people admire. However, their strong fumes and longer drying time may be a concern. Water-based polys dry with a clear finish, have less fumes, and are more environmentally friendly. However, they are nearly twice as expensive, and the faster drying time means you must work quickly.

- Wax was one of the most commonly used finishes before polyurethane became available in the 1970s. It is less durable than a poly and requires regular upkeep. However, if you are looking for an eco-friendly finish for your wood flooring, wax may be your best solution. It is applied by hand in small areas at a time and is available in both a paste and a liquid. Polyurethanes cannot be applied on top of a wax finish.

- Shellac is another finish that used to be very popular. It is also not very durable, but it is easy to work with and inexpensive. However, a floor that has been finished with shellac can not be refinished with poly or other modern products. It can only be redone with another shellac or with wax.

- An acid-cured, or Swedish, finish is extremely durable. It dries in as little as two hours, but it can take up to 60 days to be fully cured. It is an expensive option and requires a professional to apply.

- Oil finishes are easy to apply yourself, but they are not as durable as polys. They are made from tung oil, which is non-toxic. Oil finishes should be reapplied every two or three years.

With this knowledge, you should be able to decide which finish is right for you and your wood flooring. The right finish will give your home a look that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Visit the Speedwell Design Center showroom to see our huge flooring selection and to talk to our design experts.

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Finding Window Treatments for Commercial Properties

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Finding window treatments for your commercial property can be a challenge these days. Technological advancements in manufacturing, design, and installation give business owners a wealth of options not previously available. While curtains, blinds, and other adornments may not be the first thing on a proprietor's mind when starting or renovating a space, it can make a huge difference in the overall ambiance. The way a space incorporates natural light is one of the most important factors determining the mental well-being of the inhabitants. This not only impacts a business's customers but also its employees. Here are a few tips to improve customer experience, employee wellness and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Get Your Motor Running

Motorized and automated window treatments are useful for businesses with large windows that only need to be covered some of the time. Businesses want the flexibility to provide shade without being totally in the dark. Unfortunately, the height and width of many commercial spaces make the manual drawing of shades or curtains a time-consuming task. A professional design and installation firm, such as Speedwell Design Center’s corporate and commercial division, can install motorized and automated equipment to make opening and closing a breeze.

Invest in Energy Efficiency

Today, many businesses are striving to reduce long-term energy costs and hedge against future price spikes in electricity. A kilowatt saved is a kilowatt earned, and reducing energy use is almost always the most cost-effective way to take a bite out of the power bill. Smart commercial window treatments can contribute to that reduction. Heat leaves through the windows in the winter and enters through them in the summer. Hunter Douglas invented the Duette super-insulating shade to counter that heat transfer. The insulating shade uses a honeycomb structure to trap pockets of air that absorb and temper the heat coming in or out. They also look fantastic, coming in a number of textures and colors to match the aesthetics of a business while saving it money.

Window treatments can make a big difference, and it's worth connecting with professionals to truly assess options. Speedwell Design Center is a one-stop shop for window treatments and can help businesses through design, selection, and installation. Contact Speedwell Design Center to get started today.

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Current Trends in Custom Draperies

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The windows in a home draw the eye, enticing the inhabitant with the world outside. As a home's source of natural light, they are a focal point for color in any room. Custom draperies—drapes, curtains, valances—are an excellent way to add a personal flair to any room. Here are a few hot trends to keep in mind when deciding how to adorn those dormers, appoint those apertures, and filigree those fenestrations.

Keep it Clean and Simple

In days past, it was common to see draperies with thick material, heavily patterned or designed, and fringed with ornamentation like jabots. While this style may still work for certain rooms—for example, richly carpeted parlors or rooms with ornate and dark wallpaper—the modern trend is towards crisp, light fabrics and simple, clean lines. Custom draperies incorporating airy fabrics like a white gossamer blend offer a wonderful accent without the potential to stifle. Depending on the room, a dark smoke or chocolate sheer can have a dimming effect that cloaks the walls in a sunset-like hue.

Look for a Natural Fit

Another hot trend today is the use of natural materials like bamboo for screens. In a room with hardwood floors—especially lighter-colored wood like ash, hickory or oak—a natural wood near the light source creates continuity and warmth. Other organic materials like matchstick offer similar advantages. Woven organic textures diffuse light into the home and offer slivers of the outdoors without ceding too much privacy. When natural custom draperies are used to cover glass doorways, it can create a blurring effect, making the transition to outdoors seem effortless.

Know Your Options

Because custom drapes can be tailored to your specifications, the multitude of choices can be a little overwhelming. Below is a list of classic options so you know what you're looking for ahead of time. - Panels: This popular style features panels of material on either side of a window that can be drawn together to block light. - Swags and Cascades: These curved swaths of fabric cover the top of a window and sometimes drape pleats down the sides. - Valences: This short curtain covers just the top portion of the window, frequently offering a decorative cover for where blinds are attached to the window frame. - Cornices: This option serves a similar purpose to valences, but the fabric is pulled taut and frequently shaped by a hard board. Of course, the best trend to follow is your own personal taste, and matching the custom draperies to the room will always help. Keeping these trends in mind will help a designer make a room in touch with the latest fashions.
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Choosing a Hunter Douglas Window Treatment for Ideal Lighting in Any Room

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How do you decide what is the best Hunter Douglas window treatment for your home? Personal taste and home interior design are always important, but it’s also essential to consider the effect window coverings will have on the room’s lighting.


In rooms that receive direct sunlight or where natural light is too harsh, light-diffusing window treatments can create a beautiful atmosphere. One type, window sheers, is made with transparent fabrics that soften light as it enters the room for a gorgeous effect. Sheers also lessen the need for artificial light during the day. Luminette Privacy Sheers from Hunter Douglas offer vertical fabric vanes of sheer material that can be rotated 180 degrees for superior control over the amount of light allowed into the room. Though they let in natural light, these fabrics also filter out UV rays that can cause your furniture to fade.


For rooms where variable light control is beneficial, adjustable blinds are a great choice for window treatments. They come in a variety of wood finishes and fashion colors to complement any décor. Bedrooms, for example, may benefit from bright light in the afternoon, but less light—or even total darkness—might be preferable early in the morning. Traditional blinds have slats or louvers that can be adjusted to let in the perfect amount of light for any time of day without raising or lowering the window treatment. Some of the more innovative Hunter Douglas window treatments offer the benefits of blinds and sheers, such as Silhouette Window Shadings, which feature adjustable vanes suspended between sheer fabric light-diffusing panels. These blinds can be adjusted to let in the perfect amount of soft natural light into any room.


Perhaps the most fashionable choice, shades offer nearly unlimited design potential, but fewer possibilities for light adjustment. Some shades may be made of sheer materials to allow some diffused light to enter, but many are made of solid fabrics that can be pulled down for privacy or let up so sunshine can stream in. Because of this, they are optimal for rooms where natural light is less direct and harsh, and those where style is more important than always having the perfect amount of light. Many Hunter Douglas options have no exposed rear cords for a clean and elegant appearance that’s lovely in any home. Whatever window treatments are best for your home, Speedwell Design Center is Hunter Douglas certified and can help with all parts of the process, from design to installation.
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The Biggest Tile Flooring Trends of 2016

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When it comes to tile flooring, manufacturers inundate the market with endless new designs, styles, and colors every year. In fact, Speedwell Design Center offers hundreds of different styles of glass, ceramic, porcelain, and other tiles that fit the tastes of even our most conservative and our most stylish clients alike. These are our designers’ picks for top tile flooring trends in 2016.


Piggybacking off last year’s wildly popular hexagon designs, it seems like virtually every manufacturer has created brick-inspired tiles this year. Brick tiles are low maintenance, and they offer that same warm and cozy feel offered by traditional brick walls, but in a slightly different format. Perhaps best of all, brick tiles can completely transform a room whether they’re used on the floor, on the wall, as a backsplash, or as some other creative design element. The most popular brick tile designs for 2016 include aged brick, polished brick, rustic brick, and brick-like marble and wood designs.


Wood-like tile flooring has been around for years, but it’s become even more popular this year as manufacturers have incorporated all new styles and patterns, like herringbone, into their designs. Reclaimed wood is another favorite, as more and more homeowners switch to tile to get that rustic, weathered look. Cross grain tiles are also having their moment and painted wood tile flooring is gaining momentum for its unique look and feel. What’s more, designers are even using wood-inspired tiles to dress up the walls.

Mixing and Matching

Fragmented patterns in bright, vivid colors create a kaleidoscopic effect on floors. Mixing and matching geometric shapes and patterns creates a unique look that channels stained glass with a more modern, stylish application. More and more homeowners are choosing fragmented floors to give their kitchen or bathroom a real “wow” factor.

Wall Tile

While it’s not actually a type of tile flooring, wall tile has exploded in popularity in 2016, so it’s important to include it as a design trend this year. Wall tile is no longer limited to the backsplash, as more and more interior designers are using it to cover the walls, similar to paint or wallpaper. The most popular styles are large format tiles with metallic, mosaic, and geometric styles and patterns. Textured, three-dimensional designs are also gaining popularity among both designers and homeowners. Check out our gallery for design inspiration, then tell us: What’s your favorite tile flooring trend for 2016 and why? Special thanks to rickjohnson75 for the image.
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