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Lauzon Air Purifying Smart Hardwood Flooring

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Speedwell Design Center strives to maintain a diverse inventory of high-quality flooring, including the latest, most beneficial products. That’s why we offer Lauzon Pure Genius® Air Purifying Smart Flooring in our Morristown, New Jersey showroom. Lauzon flooring selections offer the beauty and distinction you’d expect in high-quality wood floors and improve your indoor air quality by helping purify the air. Floors with Pure Genius® continuously break down toxins for a constant supply of cleaner, healthier air. Lauzon is the only manufacturer in the world to offer this technology in its air-purifying hardwood flooring.

How Lauzon Air Purifying Smart Flooring Works

Lauzon flooring is manufactured without solvents, formaldehyde or other volatile organic compounds. They then add a titanium finish that uses exclusive advanced technology called Pure Genius® to purify the air. Pure Genius® is made of titanium dioxide nanoparticles, an air-purifying agent integrated into the floor’s finish. The Pure Genius® nanoparticles are triggered by both natural and artificial light and circulated by air movement. These nanoparticles break down toxic contaminants into harmless water and carbon dioxide on contact, much like a tree does. Pure Genius® works constantly and without a marked loss of performance over time, making your indoor cleaner and healthier.

Why Choose Air-Purifying Hardwood Flooring?

Indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air due to airtight environments with many sources of pollutants. Your furniture and common household products often emit toxic contaminants, with the most common being formaldehyde. Pure Genius® works to improve indoor air quality by suppressing and breaking down formaldehyde and other potentially carcinogenic contaminants. It even helps dissolve bacteria and mold and reduce stubborn odors, and all without compromising the look or quality of your hardwood flooring.

Contact Our Expert Flooring Consultants

Poor indoor air quality can lead to numerous ailments, including asthma and allergies. Let our hardwood flooring experts help you select the perfect Lauzon air-purifying hardwood flooring for your home. Lauzon’s innovative Pure Genius® agent is a built-in feature in many flooring selections featured in their Ambiance and Designer collections and is offered as an option in many of their hardwood floor series. Visit our showroom at 108 Ridgedale Avenue to view our comprehensive display of Lauzon flooring, which includes a diverse selection of design options, or contact us at 973-538-9090 for more details on this ingenious flooring option today.