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Medallion flooring – Speedwell Design Center

Floor medallions are large, circular accent pieces that can be installed in hardwood or tile floors. Medallion flooring transforms any room from bland to beautiful when used as a dramatic centerpiece. You can utilize medallions in any room or in an entranceway, foyer, hallway or outdoor living area. Speedwell Design Center offers a wide range of tile products, including medallion tile flooring, from top vendors. There are numerous designs available and can be ordered as a solid piece or created by placing individual tiles together in a medallion-like pattern for an attention-grabbing focal point.

Types Of Medallion Flooring

Medallion flooring comes in stone or wood, but we specialize in tumbled stone medallions made with various types, sizes and colors of stones. While round medallions are a common choice, they’re also available in square or rectangle patterns. No matter the shape, they function as a striking, memorable accent piece that complements a business or home’s decor. Medallions are usually permanent pieces, so let our design experts help you choose a design that enhances your space and determine appropriate placement for the greatest possible effect.

Placing A Medallion

Placement of your medallion can make or break your overall display and should appear intentional. When in doubt, center your medallion, which provides symmetry and ties the room together. This works especially well in large spaces. However, if your room features a prominent lighting fixture, such as a chandelier, decorative ceiling fan or swag lamp that isn’t perfectly centered, align your medallion with the center of this fixture to prevent it from appearing out of sync. The key is to create visual harmony within your space, even if it means deliberating not centering your medallion.

Our Tile Vendors

We proudly carry tile flooring from top vendors like American Olean, Dal Tile, Porelanosa, Marazzi and Mohawk. This includes the Medallion Tile Collection from American Olean, which features carefully crafted and intricately arranged patterns of tumbled stone and porcelain tile. Our design experts can help you choose medallion tile flooring that creates a dramatic centerpiece for any space in your home, while also drawing attention to your personal style.

Choose The Flooring Experts

At Speedwell Design Center in Morristown, New Jersey, we strive to maintain a diverse inventory of high-quality flooring at low prices. Visit our showroom to view our Tile and Natural Stone Library and use our expert consultation and in-house installation services for results that get your floors noticed!