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Olefin Carpeting

Choosing the perfect carpeting material for your home can be a challenging task thanks to the wide variety of options available to today’s homeowners. Choices range from natural materials, such as wool, to synthetic products, like nylon. One popular carpeting material offered by Speedwell Design Center is olefin, a synthetic option that is also commonly referred to as polypropylene.

Why Choose Olefin

There are plenty of viable reasons to outfit your home with olefin carpeting. For one, olefin resists abrasions, staining and fading for enduring beauty. Carpeting made from olefin won’t absorb moisture, making the cleanup of liquid spills a hassle-free experience.

Thanks to its synthetic composition, olefin carpeting is extremely colorfast, so its look will stay true for years to come with proper maintenance. In addition, olefin is fairly inexpensive in comparison to other carpeting materials, positioning it as a surefire favorite for homeowners seeking minimal up-front costs.

Olefin Carpeting Options at Speedwell Design Center

In addition to wool, nylon and other popular options, Speedwell Design Center is pleased to offer olefin as an option for your wall-to-wall carpeting needs.  If you’re seeking to outfit your New Jersey home with olefin carpeting, stop by the showroom at 108 Ridgedale Ave., Morristown, NJ during business hours to get a firsthand look at the variety of carpeting materials and colors we have to offer.

Our expert team will help you choose a carpeting option appropriate for your home, and once you’ve made your choice, our professional, in-house installers will remove and dispose of your old carpet before installing your new selection. Questions about the carpeting options at Speedwell Design Center? Call us at 973-538-9090, or contact us via online form.