Remodeling 101: Focus on the Floor

Speedwell Design Center
July 15 2016
When undertaking a bath, kitchen, or whole home renovation project, there’s one age old question of which element to focus on first. Some contractors always start with the floor, some always start with the cabinets, and some always start with the wallpaper or wall color. But, the design specialists at Speedwell Design Center recommend focusing first on the flooring during most remodeling projects.

Starting from the Ground Up

Why concentrate on the flooring first? Because the floor is the most commonly used surface in the home. Think about it. The walls support the home but aren’t generally touched much, and the cabinets are used regularly but not continuously. The floor, on the other hand, is always in use, so it’s important to start the renovation literally from the ground up.

Managing the Dust Issue

Even when a meticulous process is used, flooring installation can create a film of dust and debris that can alter the quality and appearance of paint. That’s why many contractors and flooring suppliers prefer to install and sand floors first in order to prevent complications caused by the dust issue. Additionally, if floors need to be stained, this step should also be taken prior to painting the walls to avoid having to repaint baseboards that will inevitably be affected by the stain. Once the floors have been installed, the contractor should carefully cover them with dust sheets and keep them covered until the paint has completely dried.

Considering the Design Element

For some homeowners, the floor may be the focal point of a room. For others, the focal point may be the wall color, the cabinets, the backsplash, or some other design element. Homeowners who want the focus of their new room to be on intricate flooring that makes a statement should pick out the floors first, then design the rest of the room around them. It’s a lot easier to find paint colors and countertops that play off complementary colors in the flooring than it is to pick out cabinets, countertops, and other features before looking for a floor that ties all those elements together. Every renovation project is different, so it may not be appropriate to begin with the flooring in every situation. But starting a project by first installing that beautiful, intricate floor can pave the way for a smoother, less complicated renovation project for many homeowners. Special thanks to CJ sorg for the image.

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