Hardwood flooring is a stylish choice

With many options from which to choose, hardwood flooring can be installed in most home areas. Oak is the perennial favorite wood species, and other domestic species like hickory, ash, and maple are chosen by many homeowners. Brazilian cherry and rosewood are two of the numerous exotic wood species available. Folks in North Jersey have been coming to Speedwell Design for all of their flooring needs since our family-owned business opened in 1932. In our Morristown, NJ showroom, you can find a wide selection of unfinished and prefinished solid wood and engineered wood flooring.

Unfinished solid wood floors

In times past, raw wood was brought into a home to construct a floor. Even today, this is still considered the best method of installation. The floor is sanded, stained, and sealed on-site. The tightly-placed, well-sealed boards provide ample protection against spills in a kitchen environment. Maximum customization can be achieved, too, with on-site installation. Installing wood floors using this traditional installation method can take up to two weeks, including time for acclimation.

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Prefinished solid wood

Prefinished wood is sanded, stained, and sealed in the factory. In general, factory-applied sealants are stronger than those applied on-site. Therefore, finish warranties tend to be longer. Be aware that the two types of wood floors have different looks. Use prefinished planks, and the floor has a beveled look. Use unfinished planks, and the floor has a flush look. Both types of hardwood flooring are installed by nailing the planks to a wood subfloor.

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Engineered wood flooring expands the use of wood in the home. The surface layer is hardwood, while the base layer is usually plywood that tolerates moisture. Further, the flooring connects, so the floor floats over the subfloor. Because of these two factors, manufactured wood is appropriate for cement slabs and existing hard surface flooring. You can have engineered wood floors refinished one or two times if worn. 

Speedwell Design install wood floors in homes and businesses. Morristown, NJ, Morris Plains, NJ, Mendham, NJ, Florham Park, NJ, Hanover, NJ, && Randolph, NJ are a few of the locales that are found in our New Jersey service area. We have satisfied the flooring needs of area residents since 1932. We know choosing hardwood flooring is a major decision and a big investment. We're with you throughout the planning phase. To get started with your flooring upgrade, contact us to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom in Morristown, NJ.