Commercial tile floor installation


Professional commercial tile floor installation In New Jersey

For commercial properties Tile is a highly sought-after floor covering for its beauty, durability, stain resistance and ease of maintenance. Speedwell Design Center in Morristown, New Jersey, maintains a diverse inventory of high-quality tile flooring in a wide array of colors, styles and materials. We stock high-quality ceramic, glass, granite, metal, porcelain, slate, natural stone, tumbled stone and medallion tile from top brands and provide professional commercial tile floor installation to ensure long-lasting results.

Expert commercial tile floor installation

All our commercial installations are performed in-house by our industry-certified installation staff, not outside contractors. To ensure impeccable performance, we use cutting-edge Schluter® tile installation systems, featuring Schluter®-DITRA tile underlayment.

Transitions from a tile floor to other flooring surfaces require protection, so our skilled installers focus on floor profiles to ensure an even transition that also prevents tile edges from chipping and cracking. That’s why we use Schluter® tile floor systems, because they offer an expansive selection of floor profiles to protect tile edges in transitions from equal, lower or higher elevations. Our flawless floor profiles also improve the integrity of the tile assembly and complement the design of the room.

We utilize DITRA underlayment, especially in ceramic and stone tile installations, for effective uncoupling protection and the ultimate waterproofing and crack suppression. Made of polyethylene, DITRA prevents cracked tiles and grout while protecting moisture-sensitive subfloors. Your new floors get all this protection plus adequate support and load distribution for the tile itself.

A professional commercial tile floor installation from Speedwell Design Center ensures your new tile is properly installed, making it practically indestructible. Unlike other flooring options that require periodic replacement, properly installed tile flooring can last a lifetime. Properly installed and grouted tile also prevents water from entering cracks and gaps, which could lead to water damage and mold and mildew beneath your flooring. All of these aspects make tile flooring a great option for your commercial property.

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Protect your investment with an installation that meets the highest quality of industry standards. You’ll also save money on your installation with our accurate measurements that allow us to precisely calculate the amount of materials required, so you won’t pay for any more tile, grout and mortar than you need.

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We’re a recognized flooring leader throughout New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Visit our flooring showroom to view our vast tile selection available at affordable pricing. Contact us at (973) 538-9090 to schedule professional installation that ensures exquisite results.