Did You Know? October is National Window Covering Safety Month

Speedwell Design Center
October 26 2016

This October, the Consumer Products Safety Commission and the Window Covering Safety Council are teaming up again to alert and educate people on the danger posed by window coverings. According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission window coverings are one of the top hazards in the average American home. Alongside tipping furniture and open swimming pools, windows made the list because of the risk of strangulation posed by dangling cords. Fortunately, eliminating the risk is a quick fix for most households. Installing cordless window coverings or even motorized Hunter Douglas window treatments are safe alternatives that also look great.

The Problem

The danger is not usually with the coverings themselves, but the cords used to raise and lower the covers. While those dangling loops may be, at best, an innocuous afterthought for an adult, they can be tempting playthings for toddlers and pets. Much like dangling mobiles placed above cribs, children will reach for loose cords. This presents a serious strangulation hazard.

The Quick Fix

For concerned readers, the best option is to invest in cordless window coverings or motorized Hunter Douglas window treatments to eliminate the cord altogether. These safe alternatives come in a range of styles to fit any home. But if, for some reason, a person is unable to change their window treatments, there are a few quick fixes that can reduce the risk to young children. Start by moving any cribs or children's beds away from windows with loose cords. Keeping the tether out of reach will reduce the temptation. For low window sills or other areas that children can reach from the floor, get a small cleat to tie up the loose end. In a pinch, a person can take the cord and wrap it up in a bow or other knot out of reach from children and pets.

The Permanent Solution

Fortunately, the window covering industry has been working vigorously to address the danger posed by some products. The Window Covering Safety Council has created warning tags and labels that clearly communicate the potential dangers of loose window cords. More importantly, innovation in form and function has eliminated the need for dangerous dangling cords. Today's consumers have more options than ever with cordless window coverings that are safe and look great.

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