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Blinds and other window paraphernalia may add aesthetic appeal to your home, but blind safety for your kids and pets should always be a primary concern. Here’s how to make your blinds safer for them.

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Blind safety for Corded Blinds

Cords are problematic, when you’re trying to make your blinds kid-safe and pet-safe. However, there are ways you can alleviate strangulation risk. Never assume that your child is too old: Incidences where children as old as seven years have occurred.

You could opt to use only the tilt wand, and simply cut your blind cords. This will not affect your blind’s mobility. Also, proper installation is vital for your child’s and pet’s safety. Continuous loop blinds are only child- and pet-safe if properly installed.

Remember to secure the cord-restraining gadget to the connecting surface properly. The cords must not be too slack, as your pet or child’s head could get stuck. You cannot simply fold the cord away, and hide it behind your curtains, as pets and children are inquisitive, and love exploring ‘hiding’ spots.

Remember to always place couches and other furniture far from your blinds. Children and pets can easily access blind cords when climbing onto furniture close to your windows. You also should always adhere to safety standards on your blinds.

Going Cordless

Where window safety is compromised, you could look into alternatives such as roller, or honeycomb shades. Remember that some Roman ‘cordless’ blinds are in fact not completely cordless, so always check when purchasing these.

You also could go cordless with motorized shades, cordless bottom up and top down blinds, or the cordless lift system. Motorized shades are easier to open and close, and you’ll be able to control this with the push of a button or by tapping a phone app.

The cordless lift system enables you to elevate or lower your blind by raising or dropping your blind’s lower bar. This type of blind safety affords you peace of mind and also provides less cluttering, with no unnecessary attachments dangling from your windows. The cordless bottom up and top down blind conveniently enables you to control your blinds from the top.

We are a certified dealer and installer of Hunter Douglas blinds. We offer a beautiful and durable selection with the Hunter Douglas lifetime limited warranty. Our wide inventory of motorized and cordless blinds are made of the highest quality woods, wood alternatives, and alloys- perfect for keeping your kids and pets safe.

Download this detailed chart of safety options offered with our Hunter Douglas products and speak with one of our design consultants to find the perfect match to your home décor.

Consult with us today for a selection of quality child and pet-safe cordless blinds and options.

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