Blinds or Shades – Which Fit Your Lifestyle?

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When it comes to interior design, no detail can go unconsidered as you decorate. Everything from your flooring to your window hangings plays a key role in elevating the overall design of your home. For example, choosing either blinds or shades can contribute to the form and function of your space in different ways. To help you decide which of these options is best for you, Speedwell Design Center takes a closer look at the different qualities of blinds and shades. Design Blinds and shades have practical purposes and features, but they also contribute to the look of a room. At their most basic, ...
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Why You Should Work With A Design Center

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Your home is a reflection of your personality, and working with a design center can help you create the look you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to get. Your home design benefits when you work with someone who has a skilled eye and the experience to bring your vision to life, which can often be a huge time and money saver. These are just a few of the many benefits you receive when working with a company that knows the industry inside and out. Avoid Costly Mistakes Although it might sound odd to say, paying for help can save you money, a good designer with plenty of sources for material...
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Winter Window Treatments for Style and Warmth

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Winter window treatments from Speedwell Design Center turn decor items into part of your home's weatherization efforts. The right window treatments help keep the warmth in and winter's chill out. This provides extra energy efficiency, especially if you layer your energy-efficient window treatments. Applause Honeycomb Shades The honeycomb shades from the Hunter Douglas Applause line have triple-cell construction. These shades come in your choice of colors, fabrics, and patterns to deliver the decor style you want. The shades are also available in both opaque styles and semi-opaque styles, putting you in cont...
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Air-Purifying Flooring

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Welcome to truly smart hardwood flooring, the key to a renewed vision for a healthier living space. Introducing Pure Genius® by Lauzon®. Lauzon’s latest exclusive innovation improves the indoor air quality of your home without compromising the quality and appearance of your hardwood flooring. It’s Like Having 3 Trees in Your Home* Did You Know? Contaminants are everywhere. We live increasingly air-tight environments that contain sources of indoo...
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Top Reasons Why Your Local Flooring Showroom is Better Than Online Retailers

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WHY WOULD YOU SPEND THOUSANDS OF $ DOLLARS $ WITH AN ONLINE FLOORING RETAILER? Below is an account of a typical (and real) interaction with an online flooring retailer. Avoid hassle and choose the best flooring for your space by contacting Speedwell Design Center in Morristown, NJ. We have provided local expert assistance including selection, delivery, and installation for over 80 years. A Record of a Potential Flooring Purchase from an Online Flooring Company WHY WOULD YOU SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLAR$$$$$ WITH AN ONLINE FLOORING RETAILER??? On August 21, 2013 ...
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Interior Plantation Shutters

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The Benefits of Interior Window Shutters A stylish complement to any interior, Our Hunter Douglas Interior Shutters combine the best of two worlds. Combining the look of wood plus the strength and durability of modern-day materials, plantation style shutters allow an elegant yet affordable style to any home. Visit our Morristown, NJ showroom and speak with one of our design consultants to see and feel the full array of available colors and textures. A fantastic addition to any new or updated living space, interior shutters fit into any decor...
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Now Offers Mannington Hardwood Flooring

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Newest addition to our Morristown Showroom. Offering beauty, durability, and performance, Mannington Hardwood Floors are designed to reflect the latest trends in American styles and décor. Crafted with quality in mind, Mannington’s commitment to beauty and endurance is a perfect addition to Speedwell Design Center collection of superior manufacturers. About Engineered Hardwood Engineered hardwood flooring is real hardwood. There are many benefits to choosing an engineered product over a solid product. The term “engineered” s...
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Why tile flooring cracks and how to prevent it

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Tile flooring is easy to work with, durable and functional. When properly installed it can offer years of problem free service. Sometimes however, tile flooring cracks. Often, the problem lies not with the material, but with what is hidden below the surface. Let's explore some common causes of tile flooring cracks and how proper installation can prevent it. Four Common Causes When properly installed tile flooring is a durable surface that can stand up to heavy use with few signs of wear. However, in certain circumstances tile cracks. Often the homeowner immediately believes that the cause is defective materials. While this is sometimes th...
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