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Best carpets for homes with kids and pets

Beautiful, bright floors no longer have to be a pipe dream for homeowners with pets or kids. While designs of days past may not have stood up to the dirt and traffic that come with children and pets, today’s parents don’t have to sacrifice their beautiful floors for their small or furry family members. The key is knowing which features to look for when picking out carpets and FLOORING.

Stain resistance

Dogs happily bound inside after romping through mud puddles in the yard. Cats drag in unwelcome “presents” in the form of rats or mice. Even young children have unavoidable accidents, so it’s important that floors have an element of stain resistance to avoid making those “oh no” moments permanent memories. The best stain resistant carpets are those that contain nylon or polyester, but the real deciding factor lies in the type of animal living in the home.

Kids, dogs, and other large animals

In many cases, dogs are actually heavier than children and contribute more to the wear and tear of flooring than kids do. So when considering TYPES OF CARPETS, it’s best to choose ones that offer extra resilience and other features specially designed for use in homes with kids. Nylon and Smartstrand are two types recommended by many SUPPLIERS for their stain resistance and durability.

Cats and other small animals
These animals don’t carry as much weight, so the carpet doesn’t need to be as durable. But small animals like cats, puppies, and small dogs still make a mess, so we at SPEEDWELL DESIGN CENTER recommend using affordable options in rooms frequented by these critters. It’s most cost effective to buy and replace cheaper floors every five to ten years as needed. Polyester and olefin carpets, particularly those with low-to-medium face weight or density, are recommended in homes with cats and other small animals.


To keep floors looking bright and clean, install moisture barrier padding beneath them. This helps absorb waste, which can seep through standard pads and into the floor board. In this way, moisture barrier padding can help contribute to a cleaner, neater home no matter what type of carpet is chosen. Whether their children have two legs or four, homeowners can maintain beautiful floors by vacuuming regularly and hiring a professional cleaner once or twice a year to keep carpets looking fresh and new.