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Current trends in custom draperies

The windows in a home draw the eye, enticing the inhabitant with the world outside. As a home's source of natural light, they are a focal point for color in any room. Custom draperies—DRAPES, CURTAINS, VALANCES—are an excellent way to add a personal flair to any room. Here are a few hot trends to keep in mind when deciding how to adorn those dormers, appoint those apertures, and filigree those fenestrations.

Keep it clean and simple

In days past, it was common to see DRAPERIES with thick material, heavily patterned or designed, and fringed with ornamentation like jabots. While this style may still work for certain rooms—for example, richly carpeted parlors or rooms with ornate and dark wallpaper—the modern trend is towards crisp, light fabrics and simple, clean lines. Custom draperies incorporating airy fabrics like a white gossamer blend offer a wonderful accent without the potential to stifle. Depending on the room, a dark smoke or chocolate sheer can have a dimming effect that cloaks the walls in a sunset-like hue.

Look for a natural feel
Another hot trend today is the use of natural materials like bamboo for screens. In a room with HARDWOOD FLOORS—especially lighter-colored wood like ash, hickory or oak—a natural wood near the light source creates continuity and warmth. Other organic materials like matchstick offer similar advantages. Woven organic textures diffuse light into the home and offer slivers of the outdoors without ceding too much privacy. When natural custom draperies are used to cover glass doorways, it can create a blurring effect, making the transition to outdoors seem effortless.

Know your options

Because custom drapes can be tailored to your specifications, the multitude of choices can be a little overwhelming. Below is a list of classic options so you know what you're looking for ahead of time. - Panels: This popular style features panels of material on either side of a window that can be drawn together to block light. - Swags and Cascades: These curved swaths of fabric cover the top of a window and sometimes drape pleats down the sides. - Valences: This short curtain covers just the top portion of the window, frequently offering a decorative cover for where blinds are attached to the window frame. - Cornices: This option serves a similar purpose to valences, but the fabric is pulled taut and frequently shaped by a hard board. Of course, the best trend to follow is YOUR OWN PERSONAL TASTE, and matching the custom draperies to the room will always help. Keeping these trends in mind will help a designer make a room in touch with the latest fashions.