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Glass Tile Flooring

Widely renowned for its decorative applications, especially as backsplash, tile adds a touch of opulence to any space. But tile isn’t restricted to backsplashes – it’s also commonly available as a flooring option. One of Speedwell Design Center’s many flooring styles, glass tile affords a number of benefits that make it a worthy selection for your home. Read on to discover why you should opt for glass tile flooring.

The Benefits of Glass Tile Flooring

The most obvious advantage of glass tile flooring is its undeniable visual appeal. Often installed with a colorful mosaic design, glass tile flooring bestows a room with a striking look that radiates luxury. Plus, glass tile’s luminous, reflective nature delivers a notable glow that simply can’t be found in other styles of flooring.

Furthermore, glass tile is easy to clean. It can’t be penetrated by water, which helps prevent mold growth – especially in mold- and mildew-prone areas, like bathrooms. You’ll also have no problem spotting dirt and other debris on the glass when it comes time to clean your floor. And if your cleaning process involves chemicals, you typically won’t have to worry about damaging glass tile flooring thanks to its resilient composition.

Speedwell Design Center’s Glass Tile Offerings

At Speedwell Design Center, our designers, installers and project managers can help make your home improvement dreams come true. Whether you’re seeking to apply glass tile as a kitchen backsplash or on your bathroom’s wall and flooring surfaces, we’ll help you through every step of the process, from tile selection to speedy, professional installation. Learn more about glass tile flooring by contacting us at 973-538-9090, or simply stop by in person at 108 Ridgedale Ave., Morristown, NJ.